The Best Amazon FBA Model You've Never Heard Of...

So you want to make money selling on Amazon as an FBA seller?


As online businesses are becoming more and more popular, with everyone having the hopes of making money online, anywhere, one of the stand out models has been Amazon FBA- just under dropshipping.

Me being one of those people discovered Amazon FBA not too long ago. For those who don't know Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. You ship your products to Amazon, and they fulfill and ship the orders to customers, as well as take care of customer service, and give the option of prime shipping to customers.

When I was doing research about staring an FBA business and the process of starting an Amazon FBA business, everyone talking about Amazon FBA though... was talking about the private label model. This model is finding a type of product that sells, finding a manufacturer that can manufacture it and put your logo on it, and then ranking it to be the on the first page of search results when someone searches for that product. Not a bad model. 


I was considering getting into Private Label Amazon FBA then BAM, I got hit with a Youtube Ad with someone that goes by Beau Crabill. ( I give him full credit for opening my eyes to this model). He goes on about talking why try to build a brand and struggle ranking on the first page of Amazon doing Private Label... when you can sell products that already sell such as Starbucks Coffee and Beats by Dre headphones? It was a revelation to me! It made 100% sense.

Why go through thinking "hmmm, what to sell on Amazon" and doing extensive research on the "best products to sell on Amazon", then having to manufacture it, then once it arrives to Amazon warehouses, having to rank that product to the first page... when you could sell brand name products people already know, trust, and are looking for. This model is called Amazon FBA Wholesale.

It's the exact same thing Walmart does. Yes, Walmart has their own brand, but a majority of the products they offer are brand name, and they are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, companies in the world.

As I mentioned, I have found almost no one else covering Amazon Wholesale except for Beau Crabill and I'm not sure why? This is a 10x better model! Beau offers a course, and I had to get it considering he is one of the only people that talks about this. I will be doing a review of it soon, but to put it shortly, if you want to start FBA Wholesale- get it. It prepares you for everything you need to know to get started and set up for the long-term. 

So if you're looking to start your first, or another online venture and thinking about getting into FBA, I highly recommend the wholesale model. I will be documenting my Amazon FBA journey on my Youtube channel if you want to check it out. 

Keep hustling- it'll be worth it. Dream. Achieve. Conquer.


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